5 Reasons Why First Responder Level 3A Vests Are The Protective Gear Your Security Firm Needs

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5 Reasons Why First Responder Level 3A Vests Are The Protective Gear Your Security Firm Needs

10 May 2023
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First responder level 3A vests are designed to protect against ballistic threats, including handgun rounds and fragments from explosive devices. With the rising incidence of violent attacks, security personnel are at greater risk than ever, making level 3A Vests the protective gear your security firm needs. Here's why.

1. Reduced Risk of Injury

First responder level 3A vests are designed to provide critical protection against various ballistic threats, reducing the risk of injury to security personnel in a violent incident. This can help reduce lost time due to injury and associated costs, such as medical expenses. 

2. Protection for Security Personnel of All Sizes

First responder level 3A vests are available in various sizes and can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. This means that security personnel of all sizes can benefit from enhanced protection without sacrificing comfort or mobility. When choosing a vest, it's essential to ensure it fits properly, as an ill-fitting vest can reduce mobility and cause discomfort. By providing adjustable vests designed to fit a range of body types, you can ensure that all your security personnel are protected and comfortable.

3. Versatility

First responder level 3A vests are designed to be versatile, protecting in various situations. Whether your security personnel work at an outdoor event, on private property, or in a high-traffic area, these vests can provide critical protection. Additionally, many vests are designed with pockets and attachment points for additional gear, allowing your personnel to carry the tools they need to do their job effectively. 

4. Increased Preparedness 

By providing first responder level 3A vests to your security personnel, you also increase your firm's overall emergency preparedness. With enhanced protection and mobility, your personnel will be better equipped to respond effectively. 

For example, in an active shooter situation, personnel wearing level 3A vests may be better protected against gunfire and able to move more quickly to neutralize the threat. Similarly, protective gear can help reduce injuries and improve response times in an explosion or other disaster. By investing in protective equipment, security firms are taking a proactive approach to emergency preparedness, improving safety outcomes.

5. Lower Turnover

When your security personnel feel safe and protected, they can confidently approach their job. Providing first responder level 3A vests can help to reduce turnover among your security personnel. By demonstrating a commitment to their safety and well-being, you can retain your best employees and reduce the costs associated with turnover.

Protective gear can create loyalty and commitment among your personnel, as they'll know that you invested in their success. By reducing turnover, you're making a more stable and reliable workforce, which can lead to improved job performance and better customer service.